[asterisk-users] Cacti/Nagios monitoring, what do you want graphed.

Ben Klang ben at alkaloid.net
Fri Apr 13 16:19:43 MST 2007

On Thursday 12 April 2007 04:03:40 pm Brandon Kruse wrote:
> What are some of the numbers you guys want graphed?
> Anything that is a number, or any kind of information.
For me, it would be very useful to have that broken out into more specifc 

* Calls per technology (Zap vs IAX2 vs SIP) (This is a big one as it helps 
with planning for bandwidth and PRI channel capacity)
* Number of channels actively transcoding as opposed to natively bridging

These would be interesting, but perhaps not as important:
* Number of users in a given meetme conference
* Calls per context
* Calls per accountcode
* Calls per IAX2 or SIP user
* Average call duration

Some of that may require specifying arguments and/or using a polling method 
other than SNMP.  I realize those may be more complex than you intend to 
implement, but you asked :)

Ben Klang
Alkaloid Networks
ben at alkaloid.net

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