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Thu Apr 12 20:22:55 MST 2007

On 4/12/07, J. Oquendo <sil at infiltrated.net> wrote:
> Victor Hoodicoff wrote:
> >
> >
> > I think your impressions of Aastra are outdated.  Install the latest
> > firmware, download the latest documentation and test and THEN give an
> > opinion!
> Did you miss the part when I wrote I have Asstras sitting on my desk
> collecting dust. I program on average about 5 per month, deal with
> about 40+ per day. They're as impressive as that Hyundai in the lot
> next to the Aston Martins.
> >
> > I totally agree about the Cisco and Grandstream.  People like to think the
> > Cisco are great because they paid too much for them.  People want to like
> > the Grandstream because they are so cheap.  I have no interest in dealing
> > with Polycoms unwillingness to support Asterisk.
> Cisco is overrated. Grandstream... You get what you pay for. I don't know
> who you deal with I have direct contacts with Polycoms to get what I want
> when I need it.
> Anyhow after doing a sip show peers and saving it to a file called UA
> here is a summary from 2 servers I have to deal with on a daily basis...
> This doesn't include others, these are my main two headaches...
> The files UA are nothing more than more or less:
> asterisk -rx "sip show peers"|awk -F "/" '{print $1}'|grep -v "\.\|[a-z-]"|uniq > UA
> (Server 1 of 3. Each w/about 175-200 peers)
> 184 sip peers [139 online , 45 offline]
> [root at xxxx1 ~]# grep -ic snom UA
> 93
> [root at xxxx1 ~]# grep -ic polycom UA
> 43
> [root at xxxx1 ~]# grep -ic grandstream UA
> 3
> (Server 1 of 3. Each w/ 150-75 peers using DRBD between servers)
> 74 sip peers [164 online , 10 offline]
> Verbosity is at least 10
> xxx-1:~# grep -ic cisco UA
> 59
> xxx-1:~# grep -ic poly UA
> 105
> I can show another server with nothing but Snom's but I rarely
> need to configure anything there...
> Of these two PBX's... I get less calls about the Snoms with the
> exception of Daylight Savings Time... Polycom is the most
> problematic followed by Cisco... Aastra's... Most people that
> buy those are usually a SoHo business who want maybe one or
> two.

J, I have around 500 Polycoms spread between 6 installations, the most
Polycoms to a single server that I manage is 75. The Polycoms give me
the least problems followed by the Linksys 94x (I just don't like the
sound quality of among other things with the Linksys 94x, but they
don't give much problems), followed by the Aastras, followed by the
Ciscos (yes the Ciscos give me the most problems between all the
phones that I use in producing). I have a Snom 360 collecting dust,
gave me too much problems during testing so I never really tried
configuring it for production.

Here are my questions:
1. Polycoms, what kind of trouble do you have with them? What firmware?
2. The Aastras, do they just freeze? or you have different trouble? I
have found that the Aastras will freeze about 10 times a day if native
sip reinivites are enabled, if you however add canreinvite=no to
sip.conf for the Aastras then they hardly freeze.

For some reasone I think that you miswrote something, you first say
that Aastras are collecting dust, but then continue saying that
Polycom is the most problematic. Is that what you meant? If yes, do
you think that only Snoms are good at the moment?

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