[asterisk-users] How well does a celldock work with Asterisk?

dave cantera david.cantera at iacnet.net
Tue Apr 10 15:18:40 MST 2007

to all,
I have a cell interface that hooks up to a standard pots handset... can 
use a cingular, tmobile, or SIM card provider.. hookup is about 30 
seconds has a remote antenna so you can locate the unit about 10 ft from 
the antenna...  quality is good... well, as good as cingular anyway... :)

contact me off list for more info.

Stephen Bosch wrote:
> Joe Acquisto wrote:
>>> Sometimes it's just a matter of finding a clean pair in the cable. Have
>>> you tried asking Verizon to fix the problem?
>> Don't get me started.  That's how I "know so much" about the situation.
>> They seem disinclined to address the matter, except with "happy talk" about
>> FIOS in my future.   "Soon".   Right after the metro areas are done.  Right.
>> The only fiber around here will be in my diet.
> Hehe.
> Are you in a rural area?
> -Stephen-
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