[asterisk-users] Cisco GW, PRI & CallerID Name

Peder at NetworkOblivion peder at networkoblivion.com
Mon Apr 9 21:01:53 MST 2007

Does anybody have callerid name coming in on a Cisco PRI via a Cisco 
gateway via SIP to *?  I've seen a few people ask and a few people that 
say it should work, but I've never seen an actual working config.

I do a debug on our Cisco gateway and I can see the callerid name, 
however none of the features that should send it via SIP seem to work. 
Cisco docs say to use the following:

voice service voip
  signaling forward unconditional

interface serial 1/0:23
  isdn supp-service name calling

When I enable either of those features, my calls hangup after about 30 
seconds.  * gives me a message "[Apr  9 22:52:22] WARNING[14660]: 
chan_sip.c:1916 retrans_pkt: Hanging up call 
A94C164B-E64D11DB-80BCE9B9-6C3796E8 at - no reply to our 
critical packet."

Turning them off makes the calls work fine.  "signaling forward 
unconditional" appears to be the key feature, but * doesn't seem to know 
what to do with the info that it is sending.  There must be some way to 
set * to decode it, but I can't figure it out.

I am running * 1.4.2 (and I've tried it on 1.0.3 and 1.2.10) and 
12.4.13a on my Cisco gateway.

Any ideas?  FYI, my gateway has been running fine with multiple * boxes 
for 2+ years.  I've finally decided to try and get this working, so I 
upgraded to 12.4.13a to see if it worked there and it still doesn't.


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