[asterisk-users] [MACRO-SCREEN] and MACRO_RESULT

ahester ahester at architel.com
Wed Apr 4 09:25:30 MST 2007

Dovid B wrote:
> I have created this before. I have to dig up the dial plan. The way I
> created it is it would call user1. User1 had the option to take the
> call, pass it to the next user or send it to VM. If he passed it to
> the next user, User2 had the same options as user1 and it flows down
> the list. Also every user has the option to opt in or out to receive
> calls or to have them just passed up (i.e. so that if user2 is busy
> then it should jump from user1 to user3).

I'd be very interested to see this.

Andy Hester
Network Engineer

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