[asterisk-users] [MACRO-SCREEN] and MACRO_RESULT

Dovid B asteriskusers at dovid.net
Thu Apr 5 10:26:12 MST 2007

> Dovid B wrote:
>> I have created this before. I have to dig up the dial plan. The way I
>> created it is it would call user1. User1 had the option to take the
>> call, pass it to the next user or send it to VM. If he passed it to
>> the next user, User2 had the same options as user1 and it flows down
>> the list. Also every user has the option to opt in or out to receive
>> calls or to have them just passed up (i.e. so that if user2 is busy
>> then it should jump from user1 to user3).
> Thanks,
> I'd be very interested to see this.
> -- 
> Andy Hester
> Network Engineer
> Architel

I have two of them.
One is what I have described below and the second asks the person for thier 
name. It then calls the persons desk where they have the option to take the 
call send it to VM or send it to thier cell. If they dont pick up thier desk 
phone it then goes to thier cell. When it comes to thier cell they have the 
option to take the call or send it to VM. Which one did you want ?


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