[asterisk-users] [MACRO-SCREEN] and MACRO_RESULT

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Wed Apr 4 07:55:55 MST 2007

I have created this before. I have to dig up the dial plan. The way I 
created it is it would call user1. User1 had the option to take the call, 
pass it to the next user or send it to VM. If he passed it to the next user, 
User2 had the same options as user1 and it flows down the list. Also every 
user has the option to opt in or out to receive calls or to have them just 
passed up (i.e. so that if user2 is busy then it should jump from user1 to 

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Andrew Joakimsen wrote:
> The logic of the macro is totally opposite of what it should be. I do
> recall sending a corrected version of the script to someone a while
> back, it might be on the mailing lists archive.
> However, there is an option for the Dial() command to do exactly what you 
> wish
> p: This option enables screening mode. This is basically Privacy mode
Thanks for the response - I missed that Dial option...  Couple of questions 
on this:

1.  I do not want to screen based on caller, instead I need to play the same 
message to a list of potential call recipients and allow each recipient to 
decide whether or not to accept the call based on whether or not they are 
available (for work for example).  I understand that this option checks for 
a file.  I will be transferring a call to this call coverage.  How do I make 
sure that all the calls look for the same recording to play to the call 

2. Does anyone  have any dial plan examples of this type of set up?


Andy Hester
Network Engineer


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