[asterisk-users] VMware and Digium TDM400P card

Joe Dennick joe at dennick.net
Fri Sep 29 10:30:20 MST 2006

VMWare specifically states that it doesn't provide guest access to any 
non-standard devices.  The guest operating systems only have access to 
the disks, network, sound card, and USB ports (if they are not already 
being used by another guest or host OS).  As such, VMWare is not a good 
solution for Asterisk if you need access to any Digium boards.  The 
trixbox configuration assumes that you are using only SIP and/or IAX 
connections to Asterisk.

Jamin W. Collins wrote:

> Andy Green wrote:
>> I have recently installed and upgraded trixbox in vmware on a win2000 
>> server.
> So, you have VMWare running on Windows 2000 Server (host) and are 
> trying to run trixbox within a VMWare session (guest), do I follow you 
> correctly?
>> Everything works as expected but I can't seem to get vmware to see 
>> the card (it was installed after the vmware/trixbox was set up)
> I don't believe VMWare can provide the guest physical access to 
> non-standard hardware (the TDM400P in this case).
> In short the configuration you're attempting won't work, at least not 
> in any way that I know of.

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