[asterisk-users] RE:T1 timing errors Nortel 61C with TE110P

Ronnie Jones 7qrj45 at clayelectric.com
Thu Sep 28 06:27:35 MST 2006

>One thing to note - changes to the timing parameter in zaptel.conf do  

>not take

>effect on an asterisk 'reload' , you need to unload and load the  

>zaptel driver.


>I've found it useful (on occasion) to power cycle the asterisk box  

>too, as this

>_forces_ the far end of the E1 (T1 in your case) to start afresh.




>Tim Panton



Thanks guys!!


Thank you all for the response.  The fix was power-cycling the entire
server.  All my settings were correct.  Runs great now.



Ronnie Jones

Engineer - ICT

Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc

352-473-8000 ext. 8272




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