[asterisk-users] unable to call AT&T audio conference bridge

asterisk-user myacc at roundbox.com
Thu Sep 28 06:36:20 MST 2006

I have a problem with asterisk and trying to see if someone can help me 
fix the issue...

I couldn't join AT&T's Tele Conference bridge directly without their 
customer service interaction.
Instead of getting the automated prompts to join the conference, it 
takes me to the customer support and then I got to give them the bridge 
number and pincode to add me into the conference call.

The reason given by AT&T was that their conference system is unable to 
identify our tone.
This happens only with AT&T conference bridges... not sure what the 
problem is.

This problem started after I installed trixbox on a new hardware.
Previous setup with asterisk at home <mailto:asterisk at home> did not have 
this issue and I even switched back to asterisk at home 
<mailto:asterisk at home> (a different box) and called the same conf 
bridge... that worked fine.

I am running trixbox with the following versions:
asterisk -
zaptel - 1.2.8
libpri - 1.2.3-1.349
using zap over a 8 channel pri

Thanks in advance.

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