[asterisk-users] Asterisk Hangups on PRI Interface

Giorgio Incantalupo gincantalupo at fgasoftware.com
Thu Sep 28 02:06:42 MST 2006

Hi Vicente,
I do not know if Sahil has a legacy PBX but you have....this is really 
interesting because I do have an old legacy PBX connected to Asterisk 
(via PRI trunk) which is connected to PRI telco.

The problem arises when I call from an analog phone connected to the 
legacy PBX passing thru Asterisk to the telco.

In other words if I call number 12345 from legacy PBX I receive the 
"Channel 0/5, span 1 got hangup request"  but it works if I use a SIP 
phone connected to  Asterisk PBX. I think the secret is in zapata.conf 
configuration..infact I  changed some values and magically I could make 
outbound calls!!! The only drawback was I couldnt' receive any inbound 

Do you have the same problem? If yes have you tried to call those bad 
numbers from legacy phones and from SIP/IAX?


Giorgio Incantalupo

Vicente Aguilar wrote:
> Hi
>> I have a similar problem with PRI where some numbers cannot be called. 
>> I'm still analyzing the problem. Does it happen randomly or you have 
>> some numbers you can as it is for me?
> We have the same problem you're reporting, Giorgio. 
> Some numbers, mostly PBXs of other companies and sometimes some mobile
> phones, can't be reached through Asterisk, while they do answer when
> called from a mobile or an external line (I mean, not managed by
> Asterisk). The logs show a channel hangup, just like in Sahil's report.
> Some data:
> - Debian Sarge, default 2.6.8-3-686-smp kernel
> - Digium's TE210P, one interface connected to a Telefonica de España's
> T1 line and the other one to our legacy PBX
> - Asterisk, Zaptel, all compiled from scratch (have
> always had the issue, with several previous versions)
> - FreePBX 2.1.3 + some manual tweaks
> Any idea as to tests to do in order to pin-point and solve the problem
> will be appreciated.
> Regards,

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