[asterisk-users] RE:T1 timing errors Nortel 61C with TE110P

Anthony Rodgers Anthony_Rodgers at dnv.org
Wed Sep 27 16:19:50 MST 2006

Likewise, Ronnie, we have 2 PRIs going to an 11C - let me know if I can 

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On Sep 27, 2006, at 2:42 PM, Savoy, Kevin - Williston, ND wrote:

> Ronnie I have 4 non-PRI’s connected to a Nortel 11C and I had played 
> with PRI connections before and got them working. If you want to call 
> me we can go over your set up and compare with mine.
> Kevin Savoy
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> Novo1
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> Subject: [asterisk-users] RE:T1 timing errors Nortel 61C with TE110P
> >>I have no experience on the Nortel side, but will comment on the 
> timing
> >>thingie.
> >>The asterisk T1 card (port going to the Nortel) will always generate 
> T1
> >>timing on the transmit side of the T1. There is no way to turn it off
> >>(by T1 Spec's). So, letting the Nortel use CLOK = EXT is perfect.
> >>The sync parameter in /etc/zaptel.conf for that same T1 port should
> >>probably be set to zero, but that statement is somewhat dependent on
> >>what the other ports on the Asterisk T1 card are used for. If there 
> are
> >>no other Asterisk T1 card ports in use, then I'd suggest setting the
> >>sync parameter to "1".  If at least one other Asterisk T1 port is in 
> use
> >>and goes to a central office, then turn that port's sync to "1" and 
> the
> >>Nortel port sync to "0". (Keep in mind the digium T1 cards only have 
> one
> >>clock on board, and syncing that clock to a T1 coming from a central
> >>office is the right thing to do. Once that clock is in sync, then the
> >>Nortel will sync to asterisk.)
> >>I'm a little confused with your last paragraph when you say "the 
> circuit
> >>does establish and pass calls but resets frequently due to slips". 
> Are
> >>those calls to/from asterisk talking to the Nortel?
> Yes that is correct.  The Nortel switch connects to the PSTN but not 
> the Asterisk.  It connects to the Nortel.  While the circuit is up I 
> can call extensions on the Nortel from the Asterisk and visa versa.
> >>Or, are you routing
> >>incoming pstn calls from the central office through asterisk to the 
> Nortel?
> No
> >>Also, have you tried any of the "pri show ..." commands in asterisk, 
> or
> >>any of the pri debug items?
> Yes.  When the circuit is up I can pri show span 1 and it show 
> partitioned up and active.
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