[asterisk-users] RE:T1 timing errors Nortel 61C with TE110P

Savoy, Kevin - Williston, ND ksavoy at novo1.com
Wed Sep 27 14:42:30 MST 2006

Ronnie I have 4 non-PRI's connected to a Nortel 11C and I had played
with PRI connections before and got them working. If you want to call me
we can go over your set up and compare with mine.


Kevin Savoy





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>>I have no experience on the Nortel side, but will comment on the



>>The asterisk T1 card (port going to the Nortel) will always generate

>>timing on the transmit side of the T1. There is no way to turn it off 

>>(by T1 Spec's). So, letting the Nortel use CLOK = EXT is perfect.


>>The sync parameter in /etc/zaptel.conf for that same T1 port should 

>>probably be set to zero, but that statement is somewhat dependent on 

>>what the other ports on the Asterisk T1 card are used for. If there

>>no other Asterisk T1 card ports in use, then I'd suggest setting the 

>>sync parameter to "1".  If at least one other Asterisk T1 port is in

>>and goes to a central office, then turn that port's sync to "1" and

>>Nortel port sync to "0". (Keep in mind the digium T1 cards only have

>>clock on board, and syncing that clock to a T1 coming from a central 

>>office is the right thing to do. Once that clock is in sync, then the 

>>Nortel will sync to asterisk.)


>>I'm a little confused with your last paragraph when you say "the

>>does establish and pass calls but resets frequently due to slips". Are

>>those calls to/from asterisk talking to the Nortel? 


Yes that is correct.  The Nortel switch connects to the PSTN but not the
Asterisk.  It connects to the Nortel.  While the circuit is up I can
call extensions on the Nortel from the Asterisk and visa versa.


>>Or, are you routing 

>>incoming pstn calls from the central office through asterisk to the




>>Also, have you tried any of the "pri show ..." commands in asterisk,

>>any of the pri debug items?


Yes.  When the circuit is up I can pri show span 1 and it show
partitioned up and active.


Ronnie Jones

Engineer - ICT

Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc

352-473-8000 ext. 8272




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