[asterisk-users] TDM2400P vs Sangoma A200

Anthony Cennami acennami at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 14:07:17 MST 2006

What's wrong with a channel bank?  Can be a much cleaner solution with
greater room for expansion in the future.

Not to mention cheaper.

On 9/25/06, Dave Fullerton <dfullertasterisk at shorelinecontainer.com> wrote:
> Greetings List,
> I'm putting together a plan for a new Asterisk system and I'm trying to
> decided on an interface card to use. I was originally planning on using
> a Sangoma A200 but now I'm considering a Digium TDM2400P. The server is
> large enough to accommodate the full sized TDM and I'll be using 8 FXO
> channels so molex power connectors aren't an issue. The connector will
> be slightly more to deal with but not a biggie. Either card I get will
> have the on-board echo canceler. For the extra $150 for the TDM, not
> having to mess with two sets of drivers is pretty appealing. Anyone have
> experience with both cards to give advice one way or the other?
> (And in case anyone suggests I just go with a PRI, I can't. I'm stuck
> with POTS lines for now).
> Thanks
> -Dave
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