[asterisk-users] Very high ping times from 7960 phones

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Subject: [asterisk-users] Very high ping times from 7960 phones

> I've asked this here before and never really got a response, so I'll try 
> again :)
> I'm sure other people are using 7960 phones so maybe someone could have 
> a quick look at what time sip show peers reports? When I do a 'sip show 
> peers' all my cisco 7960 phones report times > 150ms. Every single one. 
> I've scoured the settings on the 7960's and have looked and looked for 
> why this might be the case. Cisco ata's (186) on the same network report 
> ~ 10 ms. An xlite softphone reports ~ 5ms regardless of what computer 
> it's installed on.
> Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I thought that it 
> might just be a 'reporting' issue but there is definite latency there 
> when I do an echo test. I'm running cisco sip firmware 8.2 on all the 
> phones.

All my Cisco phones show less than 75ms except for one (mine of course). 
I do have a switch in my cube that I use for extra ports and that's the only real difference.

Do you have anything plugged into the extra network port on the phone?
What's in between your phone and the asterisk server?


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