[asterisk-users] Very high ping times from 7960 phones

Steve Glaus techsupport at peachnet.com
Fri Sep 22 13:25:21 MST 2006

I've asked this here before and never really got a response, so I'll try 
again :)

I'm sure other people are using 7960 phones so maybe someone could have 
a quick look at what time sip show peers reports? When I do a 'sip show 
peers' all my cisco 7960 phones report times > 150ms. Every single one. 
I've scoured the settings on the 7960's and have looked and looked for 
why this might be the case. Cisco ata's (186) on the same network report 
~ 10 ms. An xlite softphone reports ~ 5ms regardless of what computer 
it's installed on.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I thought that it 
might just be a 'reporting' issue but there is definite latency there 
when I do an echo test. I'm running cisco sip firmware 8.2 on all the 

Thanks for any help

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