[asterisk-users] Very high ping times from 7960 phones

Steve Glaus techsupport at peachnet.com
Mon Sep 25 11:16:56 MST 2006

> All my Cisco phones show less than 75ms except for one (mine of 
> course). I do have a switch in my cube that I use for extra ports and 
> that's the only real difference.
> Do you have anything plugged into the extra network port on the phone?
Yes, I have workstations plugged into the extra ports on some of the 
phones - Doesn't seem to make a difference

> What's in between your phone and the asterisk server?
My asterisk server has 2 NICs . One with a public IP and one with an 
internal LAN IP. All the phones configure to the  LAN IP  so there's 
basically nothing between them. A 3com switch and that's it.

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