[asterisk-users] PRI Backup

Conrad Wood asterisk-users at conradwood.net
Sun Sep 24 08:02:10 MST 2006

> making the call.  I guess I could just add the call route to the other
> campus just below the my default call route.  So if the primary call
> route fails, it will just go to the next line being the other campus.
That's precisely what I do with the main route out on ISDN, if that 
fails, it switches over to various voip providers and even down to a 
bluetooth enabled mobile ;).
it works quite allright for outgoing calls.
I believe for incoming calls you need to persuade your isdn supplier do 
forward the call to ISDN-B if ISDN-A is hosed.
Here in UK I couldn't persuade BT to do so yet ;(


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