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There is the very great possibility that employing TDMoE in this environment will introduce new levels of complexity in to the network. And though TDMoE, in itself, is fantastic, IMHO - long haul technology,  it may also be considered to be out of scope and limiting/expensive, most especially considering he already employs the type of network many dream of.
  In terms of distributing inward bound PRI calls across the two sites, your telecom company takes care of those details and forwards calls to the other when the former is seen to be busy. [They possibly call this something like Diversion/Forwarding on Busy] - speak to your provider.
  In terms of distributing outgoing VoIP->PRI->PSTN calls - Off the top of my head, and there may/should be much better ways, you may/should be able to introduce a global count variable and a GotoIf(...) in the dial plan.
  Hope this, in some manner, helps

Massimiliano Stucchi <stucchi at willystudios.com> wrote:
    On 200906, 16:00, Forrest Beck wrote:
> I am looking to see if anyone has a dial plan setup to use a secondary
> PRI. We have two campuses, each with it's own PRI (for telco going to
> a single span digium card) and a 10MB fiber link between the two for
> data. All calls are transfered between the two campuses via the 10MB
> data line and outgoing calls are made on the campus'es PRI. I am
> loking to see if there is a way to tell the server if one PRI is full
> (all 23 channels are in use) or not available to try routing the call
> through the other campus and it's PRI. Anyone doing this already? I
> am not sure how to have asterisk check to see if a PRI is down for
> making the call. I guess I could just add the call route to the other
> campus just below the my default call route. So if the primary call
> route fails, it will just go to the next line being the other campus.

I would try using TDMoE, and duplicating the PRIs over the two machines,
so that:

Machine 1 handles PRI A and has B as, say group2
Machine 2 handles PRI B and has A as, say group2

I don't know if you can run TDMoE over your fiber connection, but I was
just here for a suggestion.


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