[asterisk-users] PRI Backup

Massimiliano Stucchi stucchi at willystudios.com
Wed Sep 20 14:40:54 MST 2006

On 200906, 16:00, Forrest Beck wrote:
> I am looking to see if anyone has a dial plan setup to use a secondary
> PRI.  We have two campuses, each with it's own PRI (for telco going to
> a single span digium card) and a 10MB fiber link between the two for
> data.  All calls are transfered between the two campuses via the 10MB
> data line and outgoing calls are made on the campus'es PRI.  I am
> loking to see if there is a way to tell the server if one PRI is full
> (all 23 channels are in use) or not available to try routing the call
> through the other campus and it's PRI.  Anyone doing this already?  I
> am not sure how to have asterisk check to see if a PRI is down for
> making the call.  I guess I could just add the call route to the other
> campus just below the my default call route.  So if the primary call
> route fails, it will just go to the next line being the other campus.

I would try using TDMoE, and duplicating the PRIs over the two machines,
so that:

Machine 1 handles PRI A and has B as, say group2
Machine 2 handles PRI B and has A as, say group2

I don't know if you can run TDMoE over your fiber connection, but I was
just here for a suggestion.


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