[asterisk-users] ZAP: psuedo camped on channel 1?

Barry D. Hassler Barry.Hassler at hcst.com
Fri Sep 22 10:39:02 MST 2006

Folks, this issue has been plaguing me for about 2 months now, ever
since I did an upgrade of my asterisk system (new hardware and software
-- updated OS and asterisk). Since that time, channel 1 on my ZAP card
has been unuseable. I get a "device already in use" message (I need to
restart after-hours to catch the exact error message), and asterisk
won't start. This hasn't been a real big deal, as we have 3 other analog
extensions available.

I just noticed this morning a difference between 2 systems though that
may be the issue, but not sure why:

ON the asterisk system that is NOT working, `zap show channels` gives
asterisk-bvr*CLI> zap show channels
   Chan Extension  Context         Language   MusicOnHold
 pseudo            intern-hcst                default
      2            intern-hcst                default
      3            intern-hcst                default
      4            intern-hcst                default
      6            inbound                    default
      7            inbound                    default
      8            inbound                    default

While on the one that DOES work, I see:
asterisk-home*CLI> zap show channels
   Chan Extension  Context         Language   MusicOnHold
 pseudo            from-pstn       en
      1            from-pstn       en
      4            from-internal   en

The difference being (that I see) is that on asterisk-home, the "pseduo"
channel is on a separate channel, where as on the problem system, it is
(I think) sitting on channel 1. I also notice that if I unload
chan_zap.so, it will say it is unregistering channel 1, which leads me
to believe that SOMETHING is causing it to occupy that zap channel.

Are there any clues here as to why this is?

Barry D. Hassler

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