[asterisk-users] hint status from dialplan?

BerkHolz, Steven StevenBerkHolz at TESCOGroup.com
Fri Sep 22 06:23:23 MST 2006

Can I get the hint status from the dialplan?
I am intending to add lit buttons for the parking slots.
currently I am using 1.2.11 with 1 parking button and several pickup
buttons (speed dials to the parking slots)
since 1.4 allows park() to specify a parking slot, I figure that I can
remove the park button and just have several buttons for the slots.
button assigned to a virtual extension (we will call it 2001)
the hint for 2001 will point to parking slot 701.
There fore the button will be lit if a call is parked.
If the button pressed will call 2001, check the hint status of 701 and
either park(701) or ParkedCall(701) depending on the status of the slot.

So, Can I get the hint status from the dialplan?


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