[asterisk-users] Callback

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Fri Sep 22 10:20:02 MST 2006

Khaled Chehab wrote:
> I have an incoming call from pastn number ,the system with deliver it from
> e1 .
> So I want to close the line an call him .(callback)

This can be done several ways.  The receiving operator can pass the call 
to a special extension that would either ask for a callback number or 
read the caller-id from the inbound call and use that number.  Once the 
number is obtained, you create a call file with that number, copy it to 
the /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing folder and it will call him back and 
place him in the context that you'd like him to come in from.

You could also do this with an extension that automatically answer (Auto 
attendant) and ask for a password (Authenticate).

Info on how to create call files:


Info on how to create IVR:


Info on how to prompt a call for information:



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