[asterisk-users] Getting Music On Hold working in * with Fedora?

Kevin Bockman asterisk at wunderkin.com
Wed Sep 20 18:40:48 MST 2006

voiplist wrote:
> We are aware of the MPG123 tweaks that were always needed with Fedora
> in the past. We have MOH working on all other systems.
> We just installed a new system with a clean install of It
> seems that there is info on the Wiki which states that there is a new
> way to do MOH using some internal Asterisk method. Says we have to
> install the add-ons package which we have done.
> I see no other hints or instructions on making MOH work with this
> version of Asterisk and Fedora 4.
> We only get silence where the MOH should be.
> Have I missed something?

Do you have timing? (ztdummy, zaptel, ..) ?

Use native MOH instead.

random=yes      ; Play the files in a random order

in musiconhold.conf

Convert your MOH files to the codec that you use.


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