[asterisk-users] Re: Uninstalling Trixbox

Nic Hughes nicolas.h at virgin.net
Wed Sep 20 09:03:39 MST 2006

"Rizwan Hisham" <rizwanhasham at gmail.com> wrote:

If you have installed the .iso version of Trixbox then Trixbox IS your system from the 
operating system (CentOS) up. The .iso wipes your disk partitions just for starters so
to revert to anything else means installing from scratch - including operating system.

The .tar.gz install does not over-write your operating system but does include a whole lot
of applications that you might not need or want just to run Asterisk. 

In either of the above cases you could happily delete all the applications that Trixbox installs
other than asterisk but re-installing from a clean baseline may or may not be just as easy. If
you go down this path then you will also want to clean out the config files and the agi-bin.

The VMware Trixbox is of course just a VM and can easily be deleted without affecting anything
else. For just experimenting this is the one to install.

> Hi all,
> trixbox has taken control of my asterisk system, i dont like that. i just
> installed trixbox for rersearch purpose now i want to uninstall it and do
> some research on asterisk. So plz tell me how to uninstall trixbox. will it
> uninstall asterisk also?

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