[asterisk-users] problems with Polycom 500 boot up

Jessee J Holmes jholmes at atacomm.com
Fri Sep 15 07:17:06 MST 2006

Dear Steve,

The phone may be looking for it's specific configuration files (not  
phone1.cfg, but instead 0004F........cfg {or [mac].cfg}). In our past  
experience, if the phone was ever formatted (fully formatted), the  
phone will request this from the FTP server specified. Of course  
confirm your phone's login to your FTP server is correct, confirm the  
phone is logging in and grabbing the files (should be able to be done  
through your FTP program's interface).

Also, as odd as this sounds, check your firewall on your network. In  
the past, we've ran into some weird things happening where the  
firewall will let some Polycom phones through, but not all. So  
confirm your Polycom phone is talking to your FTP client (again your  
log files can tell you this).

For further information, I suggest looking at one of our  
knowledgeable articles on this topic: http://voipstore.atacomm.com/ 

Jessee Holmes
Atacomm / Ataractic Corporation
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jholmes at atacomm.com

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On Sep 14, 2006, at 4:03 PM, Forum wrote:

> I have a Polycom 500 that I am having issues with provisioning via  
> an ftp server. I have a bunch of 301’s that find the server and  
> configure without an issue. For some reason the 500 gives me an  
> error that it ‘could not contact boot server’ and will reboot  
> continuously.  I also get the error ‘Error updating Bootrom’. I am  
> using Bootrom 3.2.1. What files do I need on the ftp server ? – I  
> have sip.Id, bootrom.Id, sip.ver, phone1.cfg and sip.cfg.
> Any help would be appreciated!
> Steve
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