[asterisk-users] Anyone working on VXML, CCXML support for asterisk?

Arnd Vehling av at nethead.de
Wed Sep 13 22:44:40 MST 2006


Asterisk Mail List wrote:
> I've integrated OpenVXI 3.4 (the latest one) with Asterisk for a
> client.  It is now in production, interpreting their VXML pages
> using Asterisk for SIP/IAX telephony [..]
> I also plan to release the code under the GPL as soon as I
> can figure out the best way to do it.

i would like to test this if possible. Would be cool if you could
send me an email in case you release it to open source.

> I'll be at the VON developers and users group meetings today.

Unluckily i am not at the VON meeting this year.



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