[asterisk-users] Whcih phones are better for mass deployment

picciuX matteo at picciux.it
Tue Sep 12 03:55:17 MST 2006

well, not to disappoint anyone, but GrandStream Phones DO support remote
provisioning. It's only a matter of setting it up. But with tftp&text editor
you can set every feature and update firmware remotely.
You could also reboot the phone using CURL.
Anyway, i think in new GXP-2000 firmwares also reboot via SIP-NOTIFY is

2006/9/10, Thomas Kenyon <digium at sanguinarius.co.uk>:
> Alberto Sagredo wrote:
> > I prefer Linksys ones. Spa 9xx series, are great, and provisioning from
> > Sipura/Linksys is much better than PA1628 (Unencrypted).
> >
> > Supports https,tftp and http. With Encryption. Vonage use it.
> >
> I'm sure they are much better, they should be they cost a lot more. I
> was merely expressing surprise that the Grandstream phones couldn't.
> Though out of cursiousity, in the context of this thread, What advantage
> would being able to encrypt the data provide for the person asking the
> original question?
> Surely that is only of benefit if you are an ITSP, of no use at all for
> an office installation.
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