[asterisk-users] Whcih phones are better for mass deployment

Thomas Kenyon digium at sanguinarius.co.uk
Sun Sep 10 06:44:04 MST 2006

Alberto Sagredo wrote:
> I prefer Linksys ones. Spa 9xx series, are great, and provisioning from
> Sipura/Linksys is much better than PA1628 (Unencrypted).
> Supports https,tftp and http. With Encryption. Vonage use it.
I'm sure they are much better, they should be they cost a lot more. I
was merely expressing surprise that the Grandstream phones couldn't.

Though out of cursiousity, in the context of this thread, What advantage
would being able to encrypt the data provide for the person asking the
original question?

Surely that is only of benefit if you are an ITSP, of no use at all for
an office installation.

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