[asterisk-users] Whcih phones are better for mass deployment

Michael Graves dickson at covad.net
Sun Sep 10 07:07:32 MST 2006

The POE idea explains a lot. I was wondering how one forces a reboot on the phones in order to direct uptake of new settings. 

Since I only have a handfull of extensions I use the phones built-in web management interface to reboot each phone.  If it were more of an issue I'm reasonably certain that a script could be 
constructed to trigger a reboot on all the phone en masse.

The web management interface on the Polycom phones in nowhere near as good as the one in the Aastra phones. Aastra also supports encrypted config files using freely downloadable 
software tools.


On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 14:01:17 +0100, Thomas Kenyon wrote:

>Michael Graves wrote:
>> Polycom & Aastra are both great in this manner.
>Even Cheapo PA168S phones will remotely update their configurations from
>a simple handful of files from a tftp, ftp or http url. (which is
>admittedly only simple to do with 30 phones simultaneously if you use PoE).

>I'm very surprised if a Grandstream can't manage this.

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