[asterisk-users] Remote tone access

Tim St. Pierre tim at communicatefreely.net
Mon Sep 11 19:26:29 MST 2006

You just need to make sure that the context the outside users dial from 
(whether or not you use DISA) includes the context that contains the 
internal extensions.

On 11-Sep-06, at 14:25, Tony Di Bona wrote:

> Hi Group:
> I have 3 asterisk boxes in different countries which are 
> interconnected using IAX2 trunks. The outbound routing makes the link 
> to the various 4 digit extensions transparent.
> Users would like to be able to dial into their local box via a PSTN 
> connection (landline or cell) and then be able to dial the 4 digit 
> extension they want to reach (the same as they do when they pick up 
> the handset in the office).
> I thought I wanted to use DISA but that appears to only give a PSTN 
> dial tone from which the user can't dial an extension.  Any thoughts 
> on the configuration needed to enable the ability to dial extensions 
> (including extensions on remote boxes) entered by the user once 
> asterisk answers the call?
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