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DISA doesn't connect the caller to a PSTN dial tone, it just happens to 
(in the US at least) sound like the PSTN one.  It is asterisk providing 
the dial tone, waiting for digits to match to a specific context.  Just 
make sure that the context they are in, like John said, contains the 
four-digit extensions you want them to have access to :)


Tony Di Bona wrote:
> Hi Group:
> I have 3 asterisk boxes in different countries which are interconnected 
> using IAX2 trunks. The outbound routing makes the link to the various 4 
> digit extensions transparent.
> Users would like to be able to dial into their local box via a PSTN 
> connection (landline or cell) and then be able to dial the 4 digit 
> extension they want to reach (the same as they do when they pick up the 
> handset in the office).
> I thought I wanted to use DISA but that appears to only give a PSTN dial 
> tone from which the user can't dial an extension.  Any thoughts on the 
> configuration needed to enable the ability to dial extensions (including 
> extensions on remote boxes) entered by the user once asterisk answers 
> the call?
> Tony.
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