[asterisk-users] PRI channel hangup

Michael Welter mike at telecommatters.net
Mon Sep 11 11:30:55 MST 2006

There was activity in late 2005 concerning PRI channel lockups.   The 
telco sends a call to channel <n>, but Asterisk thinks channel <n> is 
busy and rejects the call.  There was an entry in the bug tracker and 
chatter on the list.

Has this problem been resolved?  I have two accounts experiencing 
periodic channel hangs--one account on an Eschelon PRI and the other on 
a Nortel PRI.  One account is on Asterisk v1.2.9.1 and the other v1.2.7.1 .


Michael Welter
Telecom Matters Corp.
Denver, Colorado US
mike at TelecomMatters.net

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