[asterisk-users] Polycom related question

John Marvin jm-asterisk at themarvins.org
Sun Sep 10 20:29:36 MST 2006

Rich Adamson wrote:

> Phones don't monitor mailboxes. One needs to tell asterisk "which" 
> phones are to be notified when a voicemail is left, and the sip 
> statements above are the only ones that I'm aware of to accomplish that.

Yes I am aware of that. Perhaps I chose the wrong wording, but I 
clarified it in the next sentence by talking about specifying the same 
mailbox in two different configs.

> On many phones, there is only "one" mwi function. If Kevin has one extn 
> (eg, 111) on a phone set up with a mwi and then a second extn (eg, 222) 
> on the same phone set up for mwi, one extn's mwi might turn the 
> indicator on while the second extn will turn it right back off again. 
> Since I don't recall Kevin saying what type of phone he's using, I can 
> only guess that might be the problem.

Yes, I can easily see that some phones won't behave well being notified 
for two different mailboxes. I'm not sure how a Polycom phone would 
handle that (which is the type of phone he is asking about).

However, that does not appear to be the problem. Again, he is talking 
about two different phones being notified for changes to one mailbox, 
not one phone being notified for two different mailboxes. Your example 
was something like this:

mailbox=1234 at default,1233 at default

which would mean that extension 101 should be notified for changes to 
voicemail boxes 1234 and 1233. That still would result in Asterisk only 
having to notify one phone when a change was made to a particular mailbox.

He is doing (or should be doing) something like this:

mailbox=1234 at default


mailbox=1234 at default

i.e. extensions 101 and 102 should be notified about changes to 
voicemail box 1234. His message appeared to be fairly clear that 
extensions 101 and 102 were two separate phones, rather than two 
different lines on the same phone.

This should not be a problem with the phone unless there is a 
configuration issue (which is still certainly a possibility), since as 
far as the phone is concerned it doesn't know about the other and there 
should be no difference in the protocol. But it is possibly a bug in 
Asterisk, i.e. it may not properly handle having to notify more than one 
phone when a change is made to a particular mailbox.


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