[asterisk-users] Polycom related question

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Sun Sep 10 19:44:12 MST 2006

John Marvin wrote:
> Rich Adamson wrote:
>> If you look at the sample configs, you'll find:
>> mailbox=1234 at default,1233 at default      ; Subscribe to status of 
>> multiple mailboxes
>> in the sip.conf.samples for v1.2 stable. That is the only way that I 
>> know of to turn on the mwi for two different phones (eg, extensions).
>> Is that what you're using and its not working?
> I think that is the opposite of what Kevin is trying to do. The above 
> config is for one phone monitoring multiple voicemail boxes. Kevin wants 
> multiple (two) phones monitoring the same mailbox, i.e. he is probably 
> specifying the same mailbox within the config for each of the phones 
> that will be monitoring that mailbox.
> I'm not sure why there would be any problems with that. Kevin, have you 
> tried just having one phone at a time do the monitoring, to make sure 
> there aren't any problems with the phone's config? When one misses a 
> notification, is it always the same phone that misses it? It's 
> interesting that the problem is intermittent, it would seem that if 
> Asterisk doesn't support this that it would only notify one phone each 
> time and that the results would be consistant.

Phones don't monitor mailboxes. One needs to tell asterisk "which" 
phones are to be notified when a voicemail is left, and the sip 
statements above are the only ones that I'm aware of to accomplish that.

On many phones, there is only "one" mwi function. If Kevin has one extn 
(eg, 111) on a phone set up with a mwi and then a second extn (eg, 222) 
on the same phone set up for mwi, one extn's mwi might turn the 
indicator on while the second extn will turn it right back off again. 
Since I don't recall Kevin saying what type of phone he's using, I can 
only guess that might be the problem.

Its either that, or, my original comment above regarding the sip 

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