[asterisk-users] Another (quick) Polycom 501 question

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at mercury.net
Sat Sep 9 12:24:44 MST 2006

Hi Mike,

As far as I know, you need to at least start the dialing (ie New call, 
speaker, etc) for the digitmap to even come into play.

The only settings that I am aware of that you can try to change are 
dialplan.impossibleMatch-Handling and dialplan.digitmap from sip.conf.


Mike wrote:
> Hi all,
> That's my last one for a while (I hope).
> How can I (if at all possible) make the 501 turn on the speaker phone 
> as soon as a digit is dialed (if the handset is not lifted)? Sort of 
> like what a normal speakerphone does.
> The reason I want this is I want the 501 digitmap to be taken into 
> consideration even if the handset isnt lifted and the speakerphone 
> button isn't consciously pressed.  For all those users who don't want 
> to press send, but like dialing without lifting the handset (and can't 
> be bothered to press the speakerphone button).  Yes I know it's 
> capricious, but we have the users we have...
> Yes, I have read the admin manual, but couldn't find the info.  I am 
> assuming I just don't know what to look for, but that this 
> functionality exists.
> Mike
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