[asterisk-users] Another (quick) Polycom 501 question

Mike list at virtutel.ca
Sat Sep 9 06:05:01 MST 2006

Hi all,
That's my last one for a while (I hope).
How can I (if at all possible) make the 501 turn on the speaker phone as
soon as a digit is dialed (if the handset is not lifted)? Sort of like what
a normal speakerphone does.
The reason I want this is I want the 501 digitmap to be taken into
consideration even if the handset isnt lifted and the speakerphone button
isn't consciously pressed.  For all those users who don't want to press
send, but like dialing without lifting the handset (and can't be bothered to
press the speakerphone button).  Yes I know it's capricious, but we have the
users we have...
Yes, I have read the admin manual, but couldn't find the info.  I am
assuming I just don't know what to look for, but that this functionality
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