[asterisk-users] Re: Re: FW: Peter Dicks Chairman ofSportingbet PLCisarrested at JFK!!

Julio Arruda jarruda-asterisk at jarruda.com
Fri Sep 8 14:03:36 MST 2006

Steven wrote:
> Because the Telco is government owned.
> They are the PSTN, so only they can route and charge for PSTN calls.
> Making a call from an Indian office to a US office over VOIP is legal.
> Forwarding a PSTN call over that same VOIP trunk is illegal.

In other countries where the Telco is not government owned, still 
similar constraints exist, where some special license is required..
The folks in Brazil should know better than me, but also I remember some 
other Latin America countries in the same kind of situation.

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