[asterisk-users] FW: Peter Dicks Chairman of Sportingbet PLC isarrested at JFK!!

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Fri Sep 8 09:57:34 MST 2006

Exactly so why aren't they trying to arrest the 50 million people in the
USA who have gambled online?


Mark (as far as I know) isn't actively checking with asterisk users for
what country they are in so therefore in the reciprocal eyes of the
indian government he is similarly breaking the law.


Basically what the USA government is charging Peter Dicks with is not
being a global policeman to enforce a USA law (which the WTO has already
ruled is illegal back in March
http://www.internetnews.com/ec-news/article.php/3434111 ).


The USA government can't enforce it's principals on the rest of the
world otherwise they are no better than the terrorists who are trying to
impose Sharia Law on the world.


I'm trying terribly not to take this discussion any further Off Topic
but realistically we live in a global society and the USA is
overstepping it's limits on international trade here. I appreciate this
isn't the best forum for it but this has much wider ramifications for
those of us who do business internationally in and with the USA.








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The guy was arrested because he was conciously allowing US citizens to
gamble online, something illegal in the US at this point. He ran a
business who's sole profit source came from this illegal activity.
Spencer is an entirely different situation. He's not running a business
in which he provides VoIP to places where it is illegal. He's running a
business the develops software that enables VoIP... There's a big
difference there. If someone takes the software and uses it in a place
where VoIP is illegal, that does not make Spencer responsible. Think of
it along the lines of BitTorrent software. The software isn't illegal -
it has valid uses - but it _could_ be used for something illegal. All
that means is that the user of the software has commited a crime; Not
the developer. 



	From: Dean Collins 
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	To: 'Asterisk Users Mailing List - Non-Commercial Discussion'
	Subject: FW: Peter Dicks Chairman of Sportingbet PLC is arrested
at JFK!!


	I'm sending this to the asterisk list - consciously knowing it
will piss some people off but this is the most important business issue
of the day for anyone doing business in or with a US company.


	Oh and before anyone on this list thinks of calling this OT -
how about Mark Spencer being arrested while travelling in a country like
India or the Middle East that has banned VOIP services (which is still
illegal because they cant tax it of course).


	I don't know what you are going to be able to do with this
information but this has to be discussed as it affect the future of
international commerce when dealing with the USA.



	Best intentions,






	From: Dean Collins 
	Sent: Friday, 8 September 2006 10:15 AM
	Subject: Peter Dicks Chairman of Sportingbet PLC is arrested at


	This is bullshit.
	I don't know how to effectively express my outrage over this
action by the US government.


	Check out these links for background info;



	So basically we have a UK citizen, operating a UK business
(sportingbetplc.com board)
b6035fc855dabdde5c19b246>  who the moment he steps foot into the USA is
arrested, not for crimes he committed but for crimes committted by US
	Oh and arrested under ambiguous Louisiana law, that defines all
interstate gaming as illegal.
	I cant wait for the chairman of the NY Times to be arrested on a
visit to China because chinese citizens were reading copies of the NY
Times on the internet.
	Oh and as for visiting 'unfriendly' countries, how about if
Castro started shooting american tourists he found in Cuba for 'crimes
of treason' in carrying US dollars in their wallets?
	This is insane America. When are you going to wake up and begin
to be a good 'world citizen'?
	You cant just arrest people for 'crimes against the state' that
dont even occur in your country........isn't that what terrorists do?
Impose their will against the world at large.
	I keep hoping I will wake up and the insanity will end? it's
like a bad dream.
	It's getting hard to tell who is the bad guys anymore.






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