[asterisk-users] Has anyone tried to install both digital card and analog card in one machine

MF manrique.feoli at kinetos.com
Wed Sep 6 07:30:39 MST 2006

We are currently working with two TDM2400P,  with 32 FXS ports and one 
TE205P all on the same machine,   and it works fine,  (haven't done any 
stress testing yet though,  maybe if someone could share his/her 
experience with high load)

Xue Liangliang escribió:
> Hi, all, I am not sure whether we can install both TDM400P and TE110P 
> in the same machine, sometimes our customers have this kind 
> requirement. And further more, is it possible to install both TE110P 
> and TE410P in the  same machine?
> Regards,
> Liangliang
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