[asterisk-users] Roundrobin not working on PRI

Tim St. Pierre tim at communicatefreely.net
Sat Sep 2 17:43:55 MST 2006

You probably have to set all your PRI channels as part of a trunk group.  
Additional calls to the same number should show the same number.  Make sure 
that when they hit your dialplan, there is somwhere for a second call to go 
(ie. a queue, voicemail, another extension, etc.)


On September 2, 2006 19:07, Zeeshan Zakaria wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> My client had just installed a PRI in his office for his phone line, with
> 30 DIDs. Main phone number ends in 1900 and DIDs last 4 digits are from
> 3570 to 3599. Now when caller calls number ending in 1900, call comes in
> with DID 1900, and asterisk answers it. Second caller calls, call comes in
> again as DID 1900, asterisk rejects it because the line is busy. So the
> caller gets message from the PSTN side, that line is busy.
> My understanding was that caller will call number ending with 1900 and call
> will come in on Asterisk with DID 3570. Another caller will call and call
> will come in as DID 3571. And this was supposed to be done by the PRI
> service provider.
> Am I doing something wrong here, do I have to configure something in
> Asterisk, or do I have to call the service provider. They say that
> everything is ok on their side and our system needs to be configured
> properly.

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