[asterisk-users] Roundrobin not working on PRI

Zeeshan Zakaria zishanov at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 16:07:01 MST 2006

Hi everybody,

My client had just installed a PRI in his office for his phone line, with 30
DIDs. Main phone number ends in 1900 and DIDs last 4 digits are from 3570 to
3599. Now when caller calls number ending in 1900, call comes in with DID
1900, and asterisk answers it. Second caller calls, call comes in again as
DID 1900, asterisk rejects it because the line is busy. So the caller gets
message from the PSTN side, that line is busy.

My understanding was that caller will call number ending with 1900 and call
will come in on Asterisk with DID 3570. Another caller will call and call
will come in as DID 3571. And this was supposed to be done by the PRI
service provider.

Am I doing something wrong here, do I have to configure something in
Asterisk, or do I have to call the service provider. They say that
everything is ok on their side and our system needs to be configured

Zeeshan A Zakaria
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