[Asterisk-Users] asterisk having problem in playing sounds

aRUnaR arunar_1 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Mar 11 01:13:21 MST 2006

I am using asterisk-1.2.1-15 and want to use it to replace my normal PBX with it. For creating IVR menus i tried festival, the text which was passed into it was said, but the problem was at stating of every line a "tick" sound comes.
  As festival app in asterisk connects with festval server at each line(as it required festival_server for its functioning and logs can be seen on "festival --server" realtime prints). So, that posibility was also assumed to be creating problems. But then i created sound files (riff,wav and snd) through text2wave and "Playback()" them in asterisk, but the problem was still there.
  Asterisk is playing the sound files that come with it very smoothly. But for other ones same 'tick' sound comes at every start.
  So, Can anyone help me out in this problem??
  Also, is there any way to change the default sound file format in asterisk(as it might be present into it.)

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