[Asterisk-Users] Zaptel (Junghanns 4BRI card) to cell phone problem

Roberto Piola Roberto.Piola at gruppoih.it
Wed Feb 23 06:22:36 MST 2005

We have set up an HP DL380 with 3 4BRI cards, Fedora core 2 (kernel 2.6.10)
and asterisk (bristuff-0.2.0-RC7f with asterisk 1.0.5). 4 ports are
configured in TE mode and connected to the PSTN; the other 8 are in NT mode
and connected to isdn phones.

the other outbound calls to PSTN are fine, however, when we call cellular
phones, often audio is one-way (i.e.: the cell phone user can not hear,
while the speaker at the internal side hears perfectly.

CPU usage is quite low, and asterisk -rvvv does not show anything particular

Any suggestion

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