[Asterisk-Users] Can agents login be permanent across Asterisk restarts ?

Nick Bachmann asterisk at not-real.org
Sat Feb 12 21:58:38 MST 2005

Robert Rozman wrote:

>I noticed that agents logins (agentcallbacklogin) are reset if Asterisk is
>restarted. Can this be avoided in some way ?
As Kevin insinuated, there is support for this in CVS Head.  It's called 
persistentagents and is set through agents.conf:

; Define whether callbacklogins should be stored in astdb for
; persistence. Persistent logins will be reloaded after
; Asterisk restarts.
; persistentagents=yes

The default it off, so you'll have to uncomment it to turn it on.  There 
was also a patch contributed in the bug report (M3202) for CVS stable 
that may still apply, if you're not running HEAD and don't want to upgrade.


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