[Asterisk-Users] 3-4 port FXO card recommendations

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Wed Mar 31 09:31:38 MST 2004

On Mar 31, 2004, at 8:06 AM, Mark Buckaway wrote:
> In setting up Asterisk, I'm looking to dump my current phone system 
> (Nortel Venture). I presently have three POTS lines.
> I would use a VOIP provider, but now are presently available in the 
> Toronto, ON, CANADA area that support user owned hardware/software. I 
> need a 416/647 area code number.
> In looking at FXO cards to atteach to the lines, I've seen the Digum 
> single port FXO card and their multipoort FXS cards. So far, the 
> cheapest route seems to be to buy three Digum FXO cards; however, the 
> system I want to use them it only has some three/four PCI slots. 
> Having one card with three FXO ports would be useful. I'm also open to 
> using an external device. I bought a DLink dual port MCGP FXS device 
> and that works well. The name of the game is CHEAP though...and Ebay 
> has not been very useful.

Rumors say that Digium is about to release FXO modules for the 4-port 
TDM400P.  Assuming that they're priced similarly to their FXS ports, 
that would give you 4 FXO ports in 1 slot for around $300 US.


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