[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7960 SIP Images

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Mon Mar 29 15:36:56 MST 2004

Roderick Montgomery wrote:

> * Have you purchased used hardware off eBay and need the latest software?
> There's an inspection and relicensing process that can make your gear fully
> legit.

Ummm, with a mountain of red tape surrounding the whole deal, and 
basically at a cost that ensures most people will give up and just buy 
new Cisco gear and have it done with. . .

Cisco's model is to keep their hands in your pockets as deeply and 
consistently as possible, and it is unfortunate.  They have generally 
very good products, but they treat their customers as if they had the 
watertight monopoly that Micro$oft does, which they do not.

This is why many people who are forced to do business with them do so 
only to the degree they are forced to, and secretly (or not so secretly) 
hope that eventually this abject greed leads to their comeuppance.

And as I'm sure you well know, they are draconian with their resellers, 
as well, forcing them to eat most of the problems of their small-volume 
customers, and often treating the resellers like indentured labor.

IMO it is never a good thing for a company to have so many customers who 
hate them, and who will so readily say that the only reason they deal 
with them is lack of viable alternatives.


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