[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7960 SIP Images

Terence Parker terence at parker.com.hk
Sun Mar 28 17:37:29 MST 2004

I think John's said it all - I have absolutely nothing to add!

I'm just posting to second his opinion.


On 29 Mar 04, at 3:22 AM, John Baker wrote:

> -- snip --
> I finally got ahold of someone at Cisco to sell me the support 
> contract, but it took three weeks and a couple of follow up phone 
> calls for them to process the paperwork and assign me a number.  You'd 
> think Cisco would have an easy sign up over the web for this stuff, 
> but no.  You've got to send them a check (Why wouldn't you take a 
> credit card???) and answer a barrage of questions before you get the 
> thing.
> I wondered why a company like Cisco would make you jump through so 
> many hoops.  I soon got my answer: one of their sales reps called 
> within days to discuss purchasing more product.  "I'd be glad to talk 
> to you about it," I told him, "but we're a bit premature.  I need to 
> evaluate your phone with a current image and I'm getting nowhere with 
> your technical support.  Any chance you could speed up the process?  
> It might help you get more business..."
> No chance. After three weeks worth of runaround, I finally got my SIP 
> image.  Again the phone was nice, but the service wasn't.  The price 
> definitely wasn't.  Oh, and let's not forget about the software 
> license requirement and the power cube (purchased separately of 
> course)  Add all that up and you're paying alot for what you're 
> getting.
> I went with the Polycom phones and never looked back.  They're every 
> bit as nice as the Cisco phones for a lot less money.
> John

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