[Asterisk-Users] Incoming Fax Call to File

Ray Burkholder ray at oneunified.net
Tue Mar 23 18:28:27 MST 2004

No hardware required.  There are one or more pieces of software that do the 
trick.  I can get these installed and trial'd once the calling stuff is in 

For voicemail notification through email, I'm going to need email addresses for 

What are you currently using for an email server?  I havn't done it yet, but it 
might be possible to perform some trickery to better integrate the email, 
voicemail and email.

Do you have any virusscanning, spamscanning stuff on your email server?

Quoting Ryan Thrash <rthrash at studiovertex.com>:

> I can't seem to find an answer in the archives covering this (or maybe 
> I just missed it)... Setting up * and hope to accomplish the following:
> 1) Use 5 of our DID numbers from our PRI for inbound fax reception
> 2) When * receives a call on one of these lines, it digitizes the 
> incoming fax to a multi-page .tif file (ala eFax.com) rather than 
> transferring it to an analog fax machine.
> 3) Based on the DID number, e-mail the resulting fax to a specific inbox
> The end result--when coupled with doing the same for voice mail 
> messages--would be a unified inbox, which we really are hoping to have 
> soon.
> To accomplish Part 2, do we need a fax board or some such piece of 
> external hardware, or is the processing power of a dual Xeon server 
> coupled with some as-yet-to-be-identified-DSP-esque software capable of 
> translating "fax-static" into an image?
> Thanks for any ideas or pointers.
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> Best regards,
> Ryan
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