[Asterisk-Users] SIPURA 2000 Problems

Andres andres at telesip.net
Tue Mar 16 16:12:43 MST 2004

Andres wrote:

> Senad Jordanovic wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Essentially these are general issues I have with Sipura SPA 2000:
>>     * If SPA 2000 is behind NAT, calls are not hanged up when receiver
>>       is replaced. I think asterisk does not get hung-up signal from
>>       SPA so called party user agent is ringing until timeout expires
>>       or else!. This is even worse when call is actually answered
>>       because caller is charged for usage regardless. I have the other
>>       day spent £13 on a 30 seconds call... ;)
> We have not experienced this issue from any of our customers that use 
> the SPA.
Wait!   I take this back.  We did experience this issue with 1.0.24 but 
we quickly upgraded from it. 

>>     * I can not update device to latest .31 firmware. It just sits
>>       there waiting for SPA 2000 to "not to be in use". I waited and
>>       waited for many many minutes...
> We upgrade via tftp from a central server and have not had this problem.
>>     * SPA 2000 does not keep NAT port opened... so I have got it to
>>       work only by re-registering it every 180 seconds. I am hoping
>>       this issue is fixed in the latest firmware.. (which I can not
>>       apply :) )..
> We have many Sipura units behind various NATs.  All of them keep the 
> NAT port opened.  Why don't you capture the traffic coming from the 
> SPA to see if is is not sending the keep-alive.   If it is not then 
> you have a problem with your config.  We have used all firmware 
> versions since 1.0.15 and all send the keep-alive just fine.
>> Apart from that.. everything else is ok..
>> Anyone from Sipura reading these is welcome to comment !
>> Ta
>> Senad
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>>     *From:* Stefan Meier [mailto:sm at innovate-it.ch]
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>>     Hi Senad
>>     I just read in the newsgroup, that you are facing problems with
>>     SIPURA devices. What kind of problems? We are going to need buy
>>     some adapters and so far I thought SIPURA works quite well.
>>     Thanks for your feedback
>>     Stefan

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